Executive Coach for the Creative Industries



Hi I’m Sam


Hi I’m Sam

An Executive Coach for the Creative Industries.

I help creatively-focused leaders excel.

In a world of too much busyness, too many meetings, too much to do, thriving has become harder and harder.

To be different in this world is to have the boldness to stand for something, to focus on your value and impact, and to bringing clarity and focus to yourself and your work.

As a champion, conscience, sounding board and challenger, I help make this change possible.

I worked at some of the world’s most prestigious agencies (Mother, adam&eveDDB, Havas) and know the challenges and opportunities on offer.

It’s time to get back to work.

"Every time we chat, I just come out with ‘wow’, my mind is open to so many things."

Hector Hughes 
Founder of Unplugged



The work I do with any client is bespoke.

Your needs are your own. Whether you are a global network, small agency or an individual, I will delve into where you want to go and the obstacles you face, to create a programme of work that will shift the dial.

The tools at our disposal are:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Talks

I have experience across a breadth of topics, but have a particular focus on:

  • Mindset & Leadership
  • High Performance in Challenging Work Environments (Agency Life especially)
  • Personal Impact, Confidence & Storytelling
  • Visionary & Creative Thinking
  • High Impact Work

"After somebody has had a conversation with you that they’re going to know that it is something they need."

Chloe Garland
Founder of Quarter Life


“Since we started speaking, we’ve made progress on everything that was bugging me. I’m surprised with how much my performance as a leader has improved, as well as my confidence when making decisions and making sure we are hitting the right target.

The moral of our work is I don’t have to try and fit some idea of what a leader is. I can see that I’m a different type of leader from what I ‘thought’ leadership was. And now I’ve picked the type of leadership that is good for me.

The biggest insight for me is to let myself do it my way. And it’s working. Our work has been amazingly positive, and I has made me want to help shift what leadership is in creative departments across the industry.”

David Ogawa, Creative Director

“Since introducing theCoaching Programme we’ve been able to offer bespoke, one to one support for our people at MAL.

Aiming the programme at all levels has meant that our top talent can reap the benefits from targeted personal development. It has also encouraged more growth and development conversations between line managers and their teams – which is great to see.

We’ve had nothing but glowing feedback from all those involved.

The programme has become an integrate part of the company and we look forward to continuing to work with Sam!”

Charley Walsh, Senior Learning & Development Manager

I started working with Sam after requesting some training from my company to support me with my new people management responsibilities. I suffered from self-doubt and was looking for guidance on how to better handle situations I found myself in.

Sam was absolutely brilliant at getting me talking about the things that were holding me back and freeing me from those anxieties. I am now conscious of the power I have to choose how my decisions will affect my life. The thought processes Sam has introduced have completely changed the way I go about my work.

I am more confident and feel myself in total control of how I want my life to progress. Sam is so easy to talk to and has an amazing ability to focus in on advice that will really make a difference to the way you think and act. I have hugely benefitted from our sessions and would really recommend Sam to anyone seeking professional coaching.”

Persad, IT Manager, Large Advertising Agency

“Introducing the coaching sessions with Sam for those at all levels has had a hugely positive impact on employees here at MAL. It has meant coaching is embedded in the culture and helped foster positive behavioural and cultural change.

Employees have been extremely receptive to receiving coaching and it’s demonstrated a commitment from senior leaders to develop people’s potential and continue to support creating an environment where people feel empowered.”

Bridget Flatley, HR Director
“This has been the total catalyst for change in pretty much every single pillar of my life. I moved countries, my work has transformed, relationships have changed.

I guarantee after somebody has had a conversation with you that they are going to know that it is something that they need.”  

Chloe Garland, Founder of Quarter Life

“Every time we chat, I just come out with ‘wow’, my mind is open to so many things. What I love about your work is that it gets to the root of the issue, which is the person.

I feel like a very different person running a very different person and a lot of that stems back to our work. I couldn’t recommend it more highly”

Hector Hughes, Founder of Unplugged


"Sam ran a truly insightful session for us as part of our Learning at Work Week schedule this year. Sam was able to build rapport with the group almost immediately and has a very authentic facilitation and delivery style.

On a personal level, as a delegate, it felt less like a ‘training session’ and more like a meaningful conversation amongst peers. A great workshop!”

Simon Devereux, Group Head of L&D

“Sam’s insightful and considered coaching has opened up new perspectives for me that haven’t just influenced how I present myself in work environments, but how I conceptualise myself in many different spaces.

He never shied away from being direct and calling me out when it was needed, or knowing when best for us to build to a conclusion together. From specific actions I can take, to opening different mindsets for me to explore, Sam’s ability to tailor his coaching to my own needs meant every session I came away with something to act on or think about.

I’ve felt the benefits from his support and I hope others can as well.“

James McDavid, Strategic Planning

“Sam’s boundless energy and natural flair for storytelling make him an engaging and inspiring trainer.

His recent training got 10/10 feedback from attendees who left feeling enthused, more confident and more resilient to the highs and lows of agency life.”

Sinead Gray,  Managing Partner

“Sam has an infectious energy which gives him an immediate connection with his course participants.  He is ceaselessly interactive both in the way his training material is built, and in his delivery style.”

Nigel Beard, Head of Learning & Development

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